jeudi 20 février 2014

What are we talking about ?

It is a European learning program, set up by our English and Management teachers, with other teachers from Europe.
This project is a way for us to improve our English and our Business knowledge.
We have two years to communicate, to learn to know each other, two years to create a virtual start up in the tourism sector.
There are four countries in the project : France, Germany, Spain and Italy so four high schools, more than 100 Comenius members.
We are gathered around a single project : “start up your bright future in Europe : be your own boss ! “
To reach our goals, we work all year round and meet our European friends in the different countries.
Thanks to a Comenius Blog, we share our discovery and knowledge on the business world.
This board will show you what we do and how our project is going on. Please have a look !

Please come and visit our Comenius blog !

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