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vendredi 28 octobre 2011, par Marion LEGRAND

Lucie Aubrac High school has got 500 students divided into 3 grades : “seconde” which squares with 10th grade (Sophomore year), “première”, which squares with 11th grade (Junior Year), and “terminale” which squares with 12th grade (Senior year). What is more, the school receives high school students coming from various foreign countries (such as the United States, Australia or Germany) for several months to improve their French.


Our high school has fifty-one teachers, and pupils can specialize in several sectors such as : Sciences, Literature, Social Sciences and Economy, or Management Sciences. The success rate at the final exam (“baccalaureat”, which is the French high school diploma or A-level) is on average 91%.

Our school offers general subjects which include French, maths, history and sciences, as well as other subjects such as economics and foreign languages. We can learn Latin and Greek, Provencal, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, arts … Students are also welcome to choose from the different options available, for example art and additional sports. In 10th grade, students have to take what we call exploration lessons, for example science, laboratory science, economics or Italian as a third language.

arts plast

created by 2011 tenth graders from the euro section.

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